About Us

Commanders Place Longhorns is a small family business that began a few years ago with a daytrip to experience some local culture. Just a few minutes spent in a pasture surrounded by these extraordinary animals was enough to get us hooked! Nik (or David) and I have lived around the world through our naval careers and nothing we've seen or experienced has come close to capturing our hearts like Texas Longhorns.

It is hard to describe what an important part of our lives our herd has become. Of course the benefit of lessons in responsibility, work ethic, courage, and the life/food cycle that are being taught to our children will only really be seen in the future. But what I can say is that these are exciting, unique animals that we have been able to develop individual relationships with, and doing this has only brought our family closer together. Additionally, we have met and become friends with some wonderful people. Folks that have more experience in the longhorn industry and show circuit have been nothing but helpful, informative and encouraging. We can only hope that someday we will be able to do the same for others. We treasure the relationships we have built with the people that have been met through working with these great cattle.

Mission Statement

What we are Doing

Create colorful cattle that are conformationally and functionally sound, and that are competitive at the Horn Showcase. Continue to use industry leading genetics to create valued product in the dynamic market place.

Journey of Our Family and Our Cattle

 Young Cheyenne already connecting with the calves.

             Nik and Kim 
Nik connecting with an outgoing heifer   
                Wyatt expanding
his show resume
       with a yak!
herd sire
PCC Run Away Gray
 Fourth of July in a friends pasture 2017