Excellent shots from around the pastures of
Commanders Place Longhorns!


   Cheyenne giving PCC Run Away Gray a head scratch.
 Melody coming in for a taste of Cheyenne.  


Winter 2013


 "Family shot" with Oklahoma Dawn, First Command CPL, JR Willow and their heifers -
First Dawn Cowgirl CPL (Stampy) and Red Lace Cowgirl CPL (Lacey)

21 May 2013 - Just Thunderstorms


 Notice that the cloud line behind Dixie and her bull calf, Tennessee, is no longer flat and uniform.


 Still rather dark and ominous. I called the kids school to see if there was severe weather expected.


 This reminds me of ocean waves...just in the sky!


 Here is a closer shot...still a dark gunmetal grey color.


 The rain following the cool cloud structure is seen behind Dixie and Twisted Temptation

Fall/Winter 2012

THIS Hustler 969 +

THIS Outstanding 2012 LWC measuring team at work with Hustler 969=



THIS 2012 LWC Bronze !


Cheyenne giving a hand to:
Nacho (look-alike son of 2012 Longhorn World Championship winner - Hustler 969)
Maggie (daughter of 2012 Longhorn World Championship winner - Respect Me)


Summer 2012

 Three lovely ladies...

 Nacho, Koko and Tasty Fingers

 "The Touch"      AKA        "Cheetos Fingers"

February/March 2012

  First Calves!

Champagne Cowgirl CPL and dam BH Ladymag


 Finding the first calf of the season -
 BH Ladymag's beautiful heifer named Champagne, by Hustler.

 SHR Wow's Jessica Mae's First Command heifer

 Jessica Mae giving her first calf
- the beautiful heifer 
Ralampago Cowgirl CPL - a bath. 

The third calf of the season - another HEIFER!

Majesty 31 and Majestic Cowgirl CPL


 Majesty 31
with her 
Respect Me
heifer - 
Majestic Cowgirl CPL

4 March 2012

 Ooooo, that hits the spot!

 Nik and Cowgirl Loves Noodles

 Ssssss, thats sour!

Kokopelli Cowgirl CPL 

24 Jan 2012

 The New Girl  

24 Dec 2011

A side shot of Twisted Temptation CPL - showing the graceful flat swooping curve to her horns.

18 Dec 2011

Watching the chickens.
This shot shows the cool horn angles and shapes Laramie and Tippi are bringing to the herd.

   Chickens are cool and fun to watch, but....

 Chickens dont let
you lick them!

13 Oct 2011

The local entertainment never ceases!

Summer 2011 Show Animal

Summer 2011 - Noodles and Suzie

Cowgirl Loves Noodles and M Arrow Suzie Chex

Spring 2011 Babies





October 2010





 Cheyenne's Buddy

Young steer, Salt N Pepper, that Cheyenne still misses...