Prospective herd sires or steers - BRINDLE

Unique as longhorns

Everybody appreciates the colors that they can find in their longhorn herd. Whether it be just a couple animals they keep grazing in the front yard, of several different bull's pasture groups in a very large herd, one of the very cool things about the longhorns is their color. As Frank Dobie once wrote about longhorn hides - they were "more varied than the colors of the rainbow". Some folks like to breed for certain color types (harder than it seems in some cases … longhorn color genetics are a 'bit' more complicated than the pundit square) or collect one of each (just like potato chips...can't have just one!). Regardless, there is an entire new avenue of considerations beyond those that an Angus breeder might be thinking about. All that being said, here is a nice selection of young bull calves that might just help you scratch that brindle itch! Each is a bit different in their pedigree and strengths, but they are all sporting an interesting that will continue to develop and change as the boys get older!