Hustler 969

Commanders Place Longhorns Herd Sires

Commanders Place is using two beautiful bulls right now - PCC Run Away Gray, a big horned bull with a beautiful silver color; and The Flying Ace, a good thick bodied Brindle bull bred by DCCI. We are looking forward to what the next calf crop will bring.  We are excited about what daughters of our previous bulls, First Command, Hustler and General Lee, might produce with our current bulls. PCC Run Away Gray daughters are doing well at the most prestegious Longhorn Cattle auctions.  

We strive not only for LONG HORNS but overall substance and quality as well. Horns are an important feature in our program, but unlike the early days of the breed on the wild Texas plains, they won't ensure the survival of the species. Reproductive soundness, milking ability, calving ease and longevity are also key traits that make Longhorns unique among other breeds. They are part of the total package animal that our herd sires produce.